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Our Traditional and Authentic Paellas

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Our Traditional and Authentic Paellas

paella Valenciana 
This is the original recipe and our top seller. The chicken  and the sweet smoked paprika give it a distinctive smoky and barbequey flavour . ​

Seafood Paella
The flavours of the sea comes alive in this paella  dish. We use the freshest prawn, mussels and  squid available in the market.   it is our best seller and it is also the summer favourite in Spain,  with simply paella you can have it all year round.

Chorizo Paella
We use cooking Spanish chorizo known for  its trademark smoky flavour and rich red colour from Pimenton, which is smoked Spanish paprika, and is  spicy.  when cooked, releases a delicious spicy red oil. combined with tomatoes, red peppers, green beans, green peas make a very refreshing paellas with a kick!

Vegetarian Paella
We know everyone loves paella and we understand that not everyone is a fan of meat and seafood so ladies  and gentlemen here is 
the vegetarian version of the classic paella. It's smoky, fresh, healthy, filling and as delicious as the classic.